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This professional is responsible for computer systems security whitn a company. Main functions include to analyze and identify protection needs to prevent external intrusions or data leaks. This professional must be prepared to deal with critical situations, such as virus entry or a malfunction, which must be resolved.

Computer security technician should update their knowledge on a daily basis about new anti-virus programs availables on the market in the field of computer security and types of protections, as well as new threats, such as viruses and systems attacks.


  • Restrict access to certain users to information, according to their responsibilities or functions in the company.
  • Define policies on which information is given or made public to users and which is not following the instructions by company management.
  • Advise on the need to implement barriers, such as firewalls, antiviruses, intrusion detection softwares and proxies, to prevent anyone from getting into the company's computer system.
  • Perform an exhaustive control of potential security gaps existing within the company (such as making copies of the company's information without authorisation, sending emails to personal email addresses of employees, etc.).
  • Aim to continually provide a coherent alternative to every security problem, avoiding to the extent possible contradictions with the previously established procedures.
  • Design a system to regularly make backups of files or databases without interrupting normal operation.
  • If a virus has entered into the computer system or in a specific computer in the company, computer security technicians must delete it using any necessary actions.
  • Must keep abreast of the latest versions of antivirus programmes on the market, as they are updated daily, due to the constant emergence of new viruses.
  • Establish procedures and perform constant revisions to maintain the security of the system.
  • Check the vulnerabilities that the system may have and technically formulate changes and improvements necessary to ensure data security.
  • Adapt the company's computer systems to current regulations: Organic Law on Data Protection (Personal Data Protection Act).
  • Define the training of workers on general computer security measures and on the company's specific measures and policies.

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