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The scope of this occupation are the artificial satellite manufacturing projects with diverse applications incorporated, such as navigation, communication, meteorology or remote sensing services by satellite. These space projects are composed of two main parts:

  • Onboard segment: the software installed on the satellite. The programmer designs, programs, installs and tests the on-board computer applications.
  • Ground segment: the whole set of systems (base stations, communications networks, etc.) used to communicate with the satellite. Ultimately, these systems make possible to receive and send information needed to perform the tasks for which these applications were built. The programmer is in charge of the part of the application which is on Earth: he/she designs, programs, installs and tests the communication modules with the satellite. He/she is also in charge of obtaining data and presenting the information to user.


  • Define the system and communication protocols between the ground station and the satellite. Therefore, they must have command of the complete system (hardware and software) and a deep knowledge not only of the ground segment but also the space segment.
  • Design the databases and apply the way in which the final user has access to these data, which is known as GUI (Graphic User Interface).
  • Take part in the functional (tasks carried out by the application) and technical design (how application carry out these tasks).
  • Once the project is defined, program the code in order to carry out the functional requirements with the help of the computer technology appropriate to the characteristics of the project (ADA, C, C++, Java, Visual C++, Visual Basic, etc). These languages are characterized for their security, with strict requirements in order to ensure reliability, and special mechanisms for managing the concurrent events in a real time environment, which make them especially suitable for applications running on the satellite.
  • Carry out the tests and set up of the system in order to tun it (adjust it before the operating phase of the system). This stage is very important in this type of projects, since proper operation of the satellite must be ensured once it is in space.
  • Manage any incidence that may occur and define a protocol in order to detect mistakes and solve problems that may occur in the software once the satellite is working.
  • During the process, create and manage technical documentation about the project and user manual.

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