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Multimedia Applications engineer; Interactive applications engineer; Mobile Product Manager; Mobile Product Owner, Mobile Project Manager, Mobile Project Manager


Mobile application programmers are responsible for programming and developing applications for mobile devices. They are in charge of managing the life cycle of the applications, from their conception to their launch in the market, according to the specifications defined initially. Their objective is to obtain good results from the product, following quality and safety standards, and adjusting to the objectives, costs and deadlines established at the beginning of the project. They work with the product development, design, marketing and usability technical teams in order to establish the most appropriate process maps and development methodologies.

The applications they develop can be focused on multiple functionalities, from the field of training, advertising and marketing, improving urban mobility (with traffic information systems, design of routes or schedules of public transport), incorporation of geolocation, or entertainment with recreational and leisure content, among other topics.

Finally, it is important to note that these professionals must know how to design, develop and deploy mobile applications for different operating systems, among which iOS, Android and Windows Phone stand out. Additionally, they need to know how to design and create the user interface (UI), following an application's business logic and implement communications with the server part of the application and other local or internet applications.


The tasks carried out by these professionals can vary quite a bit depending on the size and characteristics of the mobile application to be developed. Their main tasks are divided into two blocks:
  • Manage the life cycle of the mobile application, from its concept to its launch in the market:
    Define the characteristics of the product, analyse the requirements and design the structure by using a descriptive and technological language that facilitates subsequent programming.
    Prepare and monitor the roadmap of the application up to its launch in the market using methodologies adapted to the mobile context (Agile, mainly), ensuring that they incorporate and meet the mission and objectives of the business, the technological capacities, and the user-centred vision.
    Develop and program applications for IOS, Android or other operating systems by using programming languages.
    Design, create and use databases.
    Check that the application follows quality standards, using control tools such as QA/Testing, among others.
    Monitor the objectives, budget, and timeline stablished for the product through product management methods (such as Product Canvas, for example).
    Solve the technical incidents of operation, dimensioning, loading of images or documentation, etc., that may arise during the execution of the application.
    Draw up the technical maintenance and user documentation for the developed mobile application.
  • Participate in the preparing the definition and development strategy of new characteristics and functionalities of the product once it has been launched in the market:
    Collect information and best practices on the latest mobile trends and technologies in order to adapt them for the company's products.
    Suggest new services, solutions and improvements in the applications under development that favour the user and the business.

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