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The proofreader is responsible for checking the drafts of original texts after they have been edited and before they are sent to be printed or published, providing quality control to ensure that nothing has been lost in the process since the original texts. The proofreader carefully checks the pre-press proofs (that show what the final published version will look like), whether it is a printed version or on-screen. Therefore, they must be proficient in using specialised computer programmes to mark and correct documents. The most significant changes must be discussed with the client.


  • Make sure there are no errors in the text, such as letters in incorrect order, confusing words or misplaced page breaks.
  • Ensure that all the material has been included and is in the correct place.
  • Review the numbering of the pages.
  • Verify that the document is in line with the house's publishing style.
  • Make sure that the table of contents corresponds with the order of the chapters and that the illustrations correspond with the text.
  • Work on screens with editing programmes or using paper, CDs or the Internet.
  • Talk with the author and editor regarding any possible issues of questionable credibility. If working on a self-employed basis, the proofreader must manage the calendar and budget, in addition to promoting their work.

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