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Cultural advisers are experts in the artistic activities and disciplines in our cultural setting. Their function is to advise via quality proposals that assure clients' decision taking. In practice, they provide advisory services to artists, companies in the cultural sector, producers, administrations, etc. They provide guidance in areas as different as management and administration, communications, distribution, promotion and dissemination, funding formulas, copyrights, programming.... always in the specific cultural sector in question.


  • Draw up a diagnostic of the current situation of the entity, territory or project that is the aim of study.
  • Evaluate and provide support on cultural management, administration and financing (accounting controls and organisation, budgets and treasury, tax obligations, legal instruments, contractual issues, identify funding sources such as grants and sponsorships, etc.) in the fields of performing arts, plastic and visual arts and audiovisual products.
  • Improve the resources of cultural projects, planning the human, economic and material resources needed.
  • Define the strategic objectives and propose actions to carry them out.
  • Maintain contacts with companies, institutions and organisations and generate channels for exchanging information and documentation.
  • Advise on communications, distribution, dissemination, promotion and copyright issues.
  • Propose mechanisms for adapting products to information and communication technologies.
  • Monitor the realisation and execution of projects and other services.
  • Advise managers at institutions on artistic and cultural programming.
  • Stay up to date about displays, festivals, trade shows, etc., with the aim of knowing about and presenting the most updated artistic offering.

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