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Illustrators are in charge of elaborating faithful visual representation or transformations of the reality of ideas, concepts, characters and situations that will be a central part of different supports, usually of printed, artistic or digital graphic communication. Their technique can be very varied, from the traditional manual to the fully digital or multimedia animation. Their field of action can be found in advertising, the press, graphic design, film and television production, the publishing world and teaching materials.

In addition, illustrators can also apply their skills to a wide range of cross-cutting projects in many sectors, such as the illustration of infographics or the creation of typefaces, especially for the creation of lettering.


  • Analyse and document the project.
    Analyse the information that must be converted into a graphic image and study the different resolution options (realistic, conceptual, comical, etc.) and the resources that must be used. Carry out a specific search for documentation If the project so requires. To make proposals, one must take into account where the illustration(s) will be inserted and whether there are other graphic images, texts, photographs, etc. that will accompany it.
  • Make different proposals related to the preliminary plan.
    Carry out one or two graphic sketches of the idea, concept, situation or character to be developed. If it is a multimedia animation, the basic drawings of the animated succession must be created.
  • Carry out touch-ups and the final project.
    Once the creative plan has been determined, carry it out until the final materials can be presented in order to be included in the project.
  • Supervise the incorporation of the project into the end product.
    Monitor the incorporation of its representations into the final product, whether it is related to publishing, printing, advertising, graphic or physical design, etc. in order to ensure that it has not been modified or does not require a subsequent improvement.

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