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VFX Producer, Visual effects supervisor, Special effects supervisor


VFX is the art of combining computer generated footage with live action footage in order to create scenes that could not be filmed in real life. For example, sequences with extraterrestrial landscapes, scenes with a large crowd of people beings can be carried out through a combination of technical and artistic skills.

VFX Supervisors direct and review the production of all the visual effects made with digital technologies that an audiovisual product contains, that is, they are responsible for supervising the entire VFX project. Thanks to their imagination and creativity, and using the appropriate software, they create all kinds of effects or illusions required by the scrip of the audiovisual product.

These professionals participate in the entire creative process of the project, from preproduction to postproduction, and are the main point of connection between the VFX studio and the film's production or management team (especially in the film industry or television).


  • Direct and coordinate all the activities related to the creation of VFX that included an audiovisual product.
    Direct the technical and creative team in the construction of the set, the models and the miniatures needed for the creation of the VFX.
    Watch the filming of the sequences in which the digital effects will appear, by supervising the choice of camera and lenses in order to facilitate the subsequent introduction of digital effects.
    Communicate to art and programming staff the vision behind the creation of the VFX, in order to achieve the character desired in the film.
  • Monitor the production of VFX.
    Oversee the process for the editing and creation of all of the effects that are to be included in the final film, in one way or another.
    Oversee the computer graphics (CG) supervisor.
  • Supervise the work of the professionals involved in the creation of digital, virtual and visual effects.
    Supervise editing and editing of sequences where VFX appears.
    Coordinate with the director of photography and sound in order to integrate the effects within the film or audiovisual product in the best possible way.

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