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Producers are in charge of the economic management and organisation of a theatre, company or theatrical event. They have an overall vision that is external to the creation and, therefore, can guide different professionals who are involved so that there are optimal results. They work directly with the technical and artistic teams in the planning and execution of a theatrical project, as well as with suppliers of the multiple complementary services and support required for a production to run well. This professional profile combines the skills of a business manager with an in-depth understanding of the world of performing arts and performances.


  • Draw up a production plan that considers and standardises technical requirements, human resources and budget needed for production.
  • Handle financial management of the theatre, company or event.
    Manage the drawing up of budgets and verify and assure they are met.
    Determine the entries allocated for for facilities and their maintenance, project execution costs and acquisitions required.
    Establish the wages of theatre personnel.
    Participate in searching for funding sources interested in participating in the production of the project, as potential sponsors or co-producers.
  • Coordinate the team participating in the production.
    Supervise the personnel hiring process, which includes theatre staff, the organisational chart of the theatre company and the selection of the cast.
    Assure cooperation between the technical staff and the cast.
    Manage the hiring of goods and services suppliers needed to produce the show.
  • Resolve all technical needs for the production.
    Attend to the demands of the people in charge of scenography, lighting and sound, wardrobe, make-up, etc., to guarantee that the event runs smoothly.
    Take charge of resolving possible changes in the design of the event during the performance period.
  • Coordinate production logistics, standardising resources, the schedule and available budget.

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