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User experience expert, UX Designer


The UX (User Experience) design is in charge of studying and evaluating the interaction of users with the product, through research and testing to ensure easy and efficient use and favourable perception. Consider all the factors to make this interaction meaningful, relevant and positive: from product acquisition to design, usability, information architecture and functionalities.

UX specialists develop iterative prototypes (wireframes) of the digital product, define the architecture of its contents (site map) and create models of the different interaction scenarios to establish the ideal task flow based on the user's needs. Their objective is that the use of the product is efficient, and the user's perception is favourable and that is why they define the prototype based on the observation of people's interaction with an interface.

These professionals usually coordinate the expert in UI (User Interface) to develop prototypes and models (mock-ups) that allow defining the final visual design of the application. For this reason, the job market often asks for a single professional who is an expert in UI and UX.


  • Understand the product specifications and the target audience's challenges and needs to see how their experience can be optimized.
  • Using business intelligence and research data (provided by tools such as Google Analytics and others), they create models of people's behaviour on different websites, which they will use to make predictions of behaviour and use.
  • Study and compare the efficiency and quality of different versions (interface, information architecture, process, etc.) through the development of user tests that allow them to propose new improvements.
  • Participate in the definition of the main characteristics of the product in relation to the interaction with its user.
  • Design user processes within the application to generate smooth interactions (user flow).
  • Work with the design team to achieve a good visual presentation that correctly transmits the values and feelings that are most consistent with the brand.
  • Often, also take actions to generate and guarantee their public's loyalty and trust (especially in terms of privacy and security).
  • Prepare proposals for user feedback instruments (notifications, alerts, etc.) and help.

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