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The main role of a leasing and renting expert is to provide information and advice about and to sell leasing contracts, in other words, contracts agreeing the rental or acquisition of real and personal property, for individuals, companies or self-employed professionals who wish to renovate property without acquiring it. A lease is a contract offering long-term use of an asset, and is aimed at professionals or companies that rent the right to use and have a purchase option. Renting, which is aimed at anyone, is also a long-term contract for the rental of an asset (normally one whose value depreciates rapidly, such as vehicles or computers, etc.), but without a purchase option. However, the price of a rental contract includes, to a greater or lesser extent, the services which ensure that the asset to be used is in perfect condition (repairs, maintenance, insurances, taxes, etc.), whereas leasing does not include this provision. Leasing and renting experts are responsible for dealing with and advising clients who wish to rent an asset. This entails adapting the conditions of products to suit clients' needs and specifications and monitoring all completed transactions.


  • Provide clients with ifnromation and advice about the two ways of gaining use of a good: leasing and renting.
  • Carry out client prospecting and canvassing in the companies in the area for which they are responsible.
  • Broker and manage financial leasing and renting operations, which involves:
    • Negotiate, broker, adapt and revise the terms of standard leasing contracts bearing in mind the needs of the client.
    • Monitor incidents with agreed transactions and find solutions to these.
    • Study and propose goods and services to be used in leasing/renting transactions, and negotiate with suppliers.
  • Pass quantitative and qualitative data from the transactions onto the commercial management team, with the aim of refocusing and improving the suitability of products and sales strategies (prices, terms, etc.).

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