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Stock market traders are in charge of contacting buyer¿s demands and seller¿s offers at a recruitment table of a stock agency.
To carry out their role, these professionals buy and sell assets generally linked to stocks and indices. When this transaction is not formalized in the present, but rather a commitment to buy or sell in the future, we would be talking about futures and options market assets.
Today, not all people trading on the market have large assets, there are also some people who have decided to invest their savings on the stock market and in all cases require expert advice.


* Analyse the evolution of financial markets (space/area in which financial assets are exchanged between economic agents) in order to detect investment options.
* Analyse the stock market through information available the workstation (real-time transaction screens) and, based on how this data changes, buy or sell certain stocks.
* Contrast the data they view simultaneously on several screens, in order to make decisions about what to buy and sell.
* Develop and apply investment strategies in the futures and options market using various analysis techniques: chartist analysis, fundamentals, and rational expectations.
* Manage investment portfolios, which are the set of financial assets owned by a person or company.
* Buy and sell stocks with the aim of making a profit through price variations (daily stock transactions) on American and European markets (Nasdaq, Nyse, Cme, Lse, Tsx, Euronext and FTSE).
* Be proficient with the workstation and know how to make use of functions at the right time in order to make an investment, in other words, to place limit orders, instant orders, all or none orders, etc.
* Keep up to date with daily movement on the stock market (a facility for the exchange or trading of stocks or shares) and analyse this movement in order to develop indicators that help them to make gains on their daily investment transactions.
* Evaluate international economic news in order to predict interrelationships, trends and future effects in financial markets.

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