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International Sales Manager, International Sales Manager, International Sales Manager for Large Accounts.


The international sales manager deals with a portfolio of clients in a company. Its goal is to sell the merchandise and make an optimal profit, so it negotiates the pricing lists for the offered products or services to suit the changing market environment. It is the connecting link between producers and buyers related to large or huge trading volumens. Sometimes he or she manages purchases also.

This bussines professional works with several target audiences: to sell the product or service from company to company (known as the Business to Business - B2B sales process) or from the company to a final customer (known as to sales process Business to Customer - B2C).


  • Work driven by customers in order to satisfy their needs and offer the best possible service in order to create customer loyalty.
  • Achieve profitable sales of the product.
  • Align actions with company targets and strategies.
  • Market the company's product portfolio.
  • Coordinate purchasing and sales with the administration, finance and internal logistics departments.
  • Manage documentation (customs procedures, insurance, fees) for the importation of goods.
  • Monitor quantities and condition of stocks for products (stock-taking).
  • Analyse supply and demand of the product and define sales strategies.
  • Negotiate pricing terms, including bulk discounts, tiered pricing, agreed quality standards, etc.
  • Provide the company with data about customer needs and/or the state of the market and its trends.
    Keep track of the international market and multinational clients.
  • Promote client loyalty programmes and, in some cases, after-sales services.
  • Carry out customer prospecting:
    Review market research studies (in this case international ones), compile data and use tools to analyse market information.
    Keep up-to-date with market trends and emerging markets.
    Define the sales method to be used, with a view to managing risk and taking into account customer profiles.
    Negotiate the terms of the sales contract.
  • If you are also responsible for managing purchases: deal with suppliers and manage the entire purchasing process, liaising with the quality, logistics and administrative departments.
  • Where you have people reporting to you:
    Adapt and manage the staff who report to you depending on the needs of the market.
    Establish, organise and supervise daily work schedules.

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