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Specialist consultant in all aspects related to identity and company or organisation image with third parties (clients, suppliers, government institutions, the general public). These aspects include: the trade mark, products or services (packaging, information associated with the product, etc.), elements that constitute the environment of the company and that are associated to this image (publicity, stationery, newsletters, announcements in the media, corporate website, etc.) and, even, the conduct of company staff (personality and type of relationship with clients and suppliers). Business identity management consultant proposes the basic guidelines to appropriately manage all manfiestations of the company/organisation identity, and ensure that this perception is coherent with the strategy that the company or organisation wishes to project.


A business identity management consultant should propose basic guidelines for the correct management of all manifestations and facets a company or organisation and its activities are perceived. Their task is to ensure that this perception is coherent with the strategy that the company or organisation wishes to undertake. With this, in this position you are required to carry out the following tasks:
  • Establish requirements and objectives on which the business identity programme should be based. This requires a prior analysis by the company or organisation, via interviews with key people, visual audit (visual inspections), etc., and of the cultural strategy, flow chart, style, etc.
  • Produce the business identity programme: specify the briefing (design, communications and behaviour), proposes identity concepts (such as namings, graphics and identifying brands, logos, symbols, colours, typographics, other packinging design guidelines, signs, etc. and guidelines of communication and behaviour) and produce the specifications handbook.
  • Propose business identity communication systems: identify key audiences, priorities, media plans, etc.
  • Implement and manage the business identity programme via all of the company's communication results, controlling results and managing the impact follow-up.

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