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This specialist manages private, company and institutional property to maximise returns. To do so, s/he must have a thorough knowledge of the conditions of the different segments of the property market (residential and non-residential) and the product selling and rental rates. Must also be familiar with optimisation and financial calculation models and techniques (under restriction). Must also keep up-to-date with the evolution of financial markets, especially the mortgage markets, whether domestic or foreign.


Manage the clients' real property to obtain optimal returns.
  • Manage the potential profits obtained from real property: analyse and decide on the best option in each case, that is, the direct use of these assets, their sale or rental.
  • Also in charge of property maintenance or improvements: choose or negotiate who is in charge of carrying out maintenance tasks; manage and supervise the maintenance work.

Depending on his/her knowledge of the real estate market, financial markets and taxation, analyse and give advice on the best investment possibilities:
  • Carry out real estate market research (prospective research of the market in different sectors).
  • Analyse financial markets and their evolution.
  • Study and analyse the tax and legal system in terms of personal property, with a special focus on real estate to identify the best options with regard to investments and profitability.
  • According to these analyses, advise the clients (both external and internal) on the best choice of investment.

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