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Jurisprudence professional specialised in location management, contracts and claims derived from telecommunication projects. Also in charge of providing legal support and advice to telecommunication companies This professional therefore has to have adequately contrasted training in legal provisions related to telecommunication and contract regulations.


  • Manage acquisitions:
    Visit locations, negotiate the location and price of the facility and sign the contract.
    In charge of the legal qualification of any certificates obtained.
    Draw up the different types of contract and licence requests and adjust these to the different projects according to a self-written acqusition handbook.
    Research all the areas to be regulated and draw up global acquisition procedures.
    Handle the legal proceedings required to acquire telecommunication facility building work permits and, user licences
  • Provide advice and support regarding legal matters.
    Manage contract and legal databases.
    Provide legal support with regard to technical department negotiations (closure of contracts with third parties and technical condition agreements).
    Establish contracts and work conditions with acquisition partner companies (freelance and corporate).
    Manage the administrative contingent and execute contract terminations.
    In some cases, also manage other legal requirements of the civil kind (complaints and judicial claims).

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