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Retirement adviser and preparation assistant


The retirement adviser is a technician who specialises in providing guidance and advice regarding the retirement process and, in general, the withdrawal from the productive employment market, lending his/her services to persons in an interpersonal manner or via businesses and organisations operating as mediators in the employment market. The adviser provides information and guidance during procedures and in connection with the legal provisions linked to retirement-related matters, in accordance with current regulations, whilst also providing all the necessary resources to existing pensioners in the area assigned to him/her, helping their integration in society beyond what constitutes the economic-productive environment.


  • Educate, advise and accompany persons during the retirement process and their withdrawal from the production market.
    Diagnose and identify the rights and duties generated by the person due to retire during his/her working life.
    Calculate the retributive or contributory benefits, as well as other social and welfare benefits the worker is entitled to on the basis of contributions made (domestic or international), in accordance with the Social Security affiliation scheme and current legislation.
    Analyse and assess possibilities regarding when and how to retire.
    Analyse, evaluate and lend advice on other mechanisms available in the market (pension plans, insurance policies, investment funds, etc.) other than Social Security to make the retirement situation financially profitable, according to the resources and interests of the persons involved.
    Draw up a strategic retirement plan according to the situation of the person and his/her employment history.
    Identify and lend advice regarding processes the purpose of which is to recognise special situations of withdrawal from the productive environment, such as permanent disability and any other situations which render a person eligible to receive social benefits.
  • Process and directly manage administrative-bureaucratic procedures to ensure that the retirement process takes place in line with established objectives.
    Supervise any documentation and relationships with administrations and companies deriving from the retirement process.
  • Inform, advise and give counsel to businesses or other organisations employing professionals regarding the withdrawal of workers through ordinary or early retirement or redundancy.
    Advise both the company and workers on the feasibility of early and ordinary retirement of members of the work force.
    Work out and draw up strategic early or redundancy-motivated retirement plans according to the strategic plans of the human resources department of the company.
    Educate both the companies and the workers on the voluntary prolongation of the working life beyond the age of 65 (through the compatibility between a partial retirement pension and replacement contract work), according to the incentives available as per the current legislation.
    Process, manage or supervise the administrative processes deriving from retirements in the company.
  • Provide information and advice regarding the the resources available locally for pensioner communities.
    Identify and draw up an inventory of the public resources available locally for pensioners, from all perspectives (healthcare, social, leisure, sports, etc.).
    Identify and draw up an inventory of civic associations or organisations which encompass interests, activities and services for pensioners.
  • Find and update information regarding the legislation and administrative procedures pursuant to the management of retirement processes.
    Keep up to date with the main European and international retirement systems in order to be able to establish a good retirement plan for people who have paid contributions in other countries.
    Keep abreast of any private capitalisation systems available on the market.
  • Offer psychological support and assistance to individuals during the process leading up to their retirement or withdrawal from the productive structure. Or refer users who so require to more specific services.
    Offer basic psychological support to individuals expressing psychological problems derived from their withdrawal from productive life and refer the most complex cases to services with a higher degree of specialisation in the matter.

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