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This person is responsible for handlding the procedures when there is a claim on an insured good, dealing with the file from beginning to end. As such, they carry out the necessary procedures with insurance companies and the people involved in order to handle the claim from an administrative point of view, controlling, monitoring and closing the case, ensuring that terms agreed with clients are met. However, depending on their training and experience, these administative tasks may also include some advisory duties. In addition, it is worth noting that there are different types of claims, depending on the nature of the object insured (freight, cars, boats, motorcycles, homes, etc.), each of which require specific knowledge in the respective fields.


  • Analyse the guarantee of the damaged goods (set of operations that serve to provide compensation for possible damages suffered by a good), based on the assessment of the formal contract for the insurance of the goods, and on the applicable law.
  • Detect possible fraud by analysing data on the state of damaged goods and the circumstances that have caused the damage; information that is provided by the insurance expert.
  • Put into effect the monitoring, control, review and closure of the dossier which follows conventional methodology procedures and applicable regulations.
  • Provide customer service (to affected companies or individuals) and solve doubts/problems during the processing of the inquiry regarding the damage occurred - terms of procedure, payment, indemnity, etc.
  • Establish contact between the insuring company and affected individuals or companies, by providing continuous communication between parties.
  • Make assessments in matters of insurance, if you have the correct level of training.
  • Provide support to business networks in matters related to insurance procedures undertaken in cases of damages occurred to goods.

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