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Collections managers either work for companies, chasing outstanding invoices, or for banks, chasing loans not paid back by their due date in order to ensure debt is paid. There are no limits to the type of clients you can encounter in this job, since it involves gathering information about the solvency of both individuals and companies.


The process followed by collections managers in order to follow up on unpaid bills and ensure that these get paid involves the following stages:
  • Identify bank or companies' debtors.
  • Verify their location or skiptracing (home address, phone number, etc.).
  • Study and assess their file.
  • Contact debtors to inform them of their situation and to request payment of the debt.
  • In some cases they may negotiate new repayment terms for the overdue bill or loan with the client.
  • Try to ascertain the causes for the default and offer advice on how to pay back the debt.
  • Follow up on each of the debtors in order to keep track of the process and ascertain when the payment has been made.
  • In extreme cases, they make take action against the debtor, such as cutting off the service or seizing goods, or may initiate legal proceedings in order to guarantee repayment of the debt.

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