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Counselor in social skills, consultant for family or social events.


The professional that advises and helps the customer, person or company, implement the most suitable codes of conduct for each situation that involves interrelatonships with external agents: other people, the public, a foreign delegation, etc. They must know and use techniques that influence social relations, as well as to know how to adapt them to different sociocultural contexts and everyday situations. There are different specialities and levels of protocol: in the business, social, institutional field, in the hospitality industry, sport, organization of events, official acts, etc. Each of them with its own peculiarities and ways of working.


  • Define a person's behavior according to their interests at each moment, atmosphere, sector or activity. As well as according to the professional, social and personal environment.
  • Help the client maintain or improve interpersonal relationships by making them feel they have social skills.
  • Work on greetings, forms of address, presentations, gifts, public speaking, table manners, etc.
  • Provide advice on etiquette, clothing, good manners, etc.
  • Specify the form of address to be established with people from other countries and cultures: Arab, Asian, etc.
  • Provide instruction about the forms of address in writing and speaking associated with different personalities and positions.
  • Draft the protocol manual including what the external image, expression and suitable behavior should be at all times, according to the objectives proposed by the client being advised.
  • Instruct and ensure compliance with, and the quality of, these previously established guidelines.

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