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These professionals perform market analysis studies with the aim of obtaining valuable information that the client company will use to make decisions regarding the products or services it markets and marketing strategies.

Market research analysts are responsible for the preparation of surveys, the study of the data obtained and the generation of statistics, which will serve to know consumer trends, determine the evolution of sales of a certain product, set the consumer public potential, and locate competing companies, among others, They are an essential and very useful figure for the company marketing and sales departments, as depending on their research, later advertising campaigns, promotional actions or new product or service lines will be launched.

They may develop their activity in different areas that can range from economic research and sector studies, to specialization within a specific field such as food channels outside the home.


  • Define the starting point and the objectives sought in the research project.
    Together with the client company, determine the company's situation on the market and with respect to its competitors, the sectoral distribution of sales for products and geographic areas, the type of consumers (desires, behavioural patterns, profiles, etc.), customer satisfaction, etc.
    Determine the purpose of the study.
  • Establish methodological aspects necessary to obtain study data and assure that data are compiled correctly.
    Determine the sampling of consumers who will perform the study and the statistical techniques that will be applied to carry out the research.
    Establish the model for questions that will be asked, the content of the survey and the medium by which surveys will be performed (email, telephone or personal contact).
    Sometimes, manage a technical market research team.
  • Analyse the data obtained and draw useful conclusions for the company.
    Draw up reports, charts and comparison tables to present the quantitative and qualitative results of the study.
    Collect relevant information (studies, reports, opinion pieces, etc.) as well as competitor data and analyse prices, marketing strategies and distribution.
    Analyse the evolution of previous sales and establish future forecasts based on the results.
  • Suggest guidelines and recommendations for making strategic decisions regarding the promotion, distribution, design and price of the product of service.
    The information obtained can also determine the suitability of opening new sales lines and new marketing strategies or diversifying company operations.
    If necessary, work with the R&D department to suggest innovations or adaptations, with the commercial department to suggest strategies or with the marketing department to take part in the established communication and promotion methods.

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