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These professionals advise entities and organizations on image issues in order to transmit values and messages aligned with their mission or corporate purpose. They are responsible for anticipating, planning and communicating. They anticipate the client's needs and the associated risks and opportunities in the social environment; design and coordinate a strategic reputation and corporate image plan that conveys his/her identity in an attractive way and, finally, communicate the relevant messages to the community (stakeholders) with the aim of increasing his/her media impact and social influence. In addition, this advice includes the collective image that the human team offers, which has to be coherent with the image of the company, the facilities, the products, etc.

The group image consultant may work for the management team or constitute a work tool for the following departments: Human Resources, Marketing, Communications, etc. Likewise, they may work for public figures (artists, athletes or celebrities in general) advising on the design of their external image, expression, attitudes and skills that best convey their identity and values.


Study the client's needs and the characteristics of his/her sector.
  • Identify the person or client company's physical characteristics, risks and opportunities.
  • Learn the legislation and jurisprudence related to all working personnel and, in particular, those in the specific sector, as well as the labour relations between the team and its hierarchy.
  • Jointly define the messages and values the company wishes to project as its corporate identity.

Prepare a strategic corporate reputation plan that includes:
  • The proposal of graphic and visual image, according to the client's needs.
  • The communicative elements of expression, attitudes and skills for a person or group to transmit the messages and corporate values appropriate to the defined collective image.
  • Services and products in collaboration with other professionals to implement the group or person image changes (design of uniforms, accessories, work tools, stylists, hairdressers, speech therapists, dieticians, etc.).

Convey the information regarding the corporate image.
  • Train the staff in all those capacities and skills necessary to achieve a good implementation of the corporate image.
  • Draft the corporate image procedure handbook, which is part of the image and style protocol of the entity, collective, etc.

Keep track of the corporate image.
  • Accompany the client in any public activities and presentations to help him/her meet his/her communication objectives.
  • Monthly monitor the media impact (clipping) and evaluate the results to make changes, if necessary.
  • Audit the levels of quality and excellence in the transmission of values and messages in each action and activity.

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