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These specialists advise clients (individuals, small and medium enterprises, and even large companies) on financial-related issues. The laws covering tax is changing and complex. It therefore requires a level of specialisation that forces companies, and particularly SMEs, to outsource this financial consulting serve. The variety of clients and the diversity of needs they may have means that financial advisors must possess a solid knowledge base, which should cover commercial concepts, the General Tax Law and the particular management and financial procedures pertaining to the Hacienda Pblica (Inland Revenue Service), specifically the tax on companies, assets, inheritance and personal income, VAT and special taxes, customs duties and municipal taxes, as well as how financial inspections work.


  • Compile all of the client's relevant fiscal information. Subsequently, prepare the documentation that must be submitted to the Inland Revenue Service and advise the client on how to meet their taxation obligations while maximising tax reductions.
  • Meet with the client as many times as is needed in order to obtain all of the information required (broadly speaking account-related and financial in nature).
  • Analyse the best options in order for clients to maximise their tax rebates.
  • Do all of the necessary calculations and fill in all of the documentation for which your client is liable to the Inland Revenue Service.
  • Regularly, also submit this documentation to the Inland Revenue Service.

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