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CX Manager


Customer experience (CX) has become an important focus of attention for brands, as organisations have become increasingly aware of its importance in keeping customers satisfied and loyal to the brand. In this sense, these professionals are responsible for ensuring that the customer experience is satisfactory at the moment of consuming their products in order to achieve customer loyalty.

Companies seek to ensure the best customer experience as it is an advantage in a highly informed market and in an environment of accelerated digitisation. Thus, with customer experience analytics, companies leverage their social media presence to build customer trust, ensuring that customers have a satisfactory experience from the first point of contact and aiming to build a long-term relationship.

In short, these professionals ensure the conversion (acquisition) of customers in order to increase their loyalty to the brand and to reduce the cost of service and marketing by gathering data and understanding the dynamics of their market.


  • Define and implement the company's brand strategy in terms of CX: objectives, action plan and measurement tools. They also analyse its impact on the income statement and ensure that the different areas of the company are involved. In this way, they guide the organisation, providing it with information, processes and the necessary tools to work with a customer focus.
  • Analyse and optimise the customer experience at all points of contact and throughout their relationship with the brand: from awareness, discovery, attraction, interaction, conversion, use, to the cultivation of the relationship and recommendation.
  • Set short, medium and long-term objectives, as well as the actions needed to achieve them. Monitor and report results on a regular basis.
  • Monitor the most relevant metrics to monitor and evaluate the customer experience, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Deviation Rate and Customer Retention Rate.
  • Create customer feedback channels, social media ratings and reviews, surveys and interviews, among others.
  • Manage and analyse the suggestions received to generate statistics on customer pain points and map them throughout the customer-company relationship (the Customer Journey), translating the results of the research into clear commercial implications.
  • Identify different customer and customer experience typologies both by product and consumer market (countries or regions where the organisation is located) to design the most accurate strategies.
  • Work closely with country/regional stakeholders to ensure that all projects are delivered on time, within scope, with successful implementations and taking stakeholders into account with the identification and mitigation of potential risks and issues.
  • Work collaboratively with the Heads of Operations to ensure continued alignment on strategy and analysis of team performance, supporting them, and ensuring the smooth running of projects through their expertise and leadership.

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