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Business unit manager; New business manager; Market development manager; Corporate development manager


Business development managers are in charge of analysing the needs of the company and looking for the alliances they need in order to improve or consolidate their situation in the market. These alliances can serve to expand the product line, share technology, enter new sectors or open new markets; and include licensing agreements, collaborations in R&D and technological cooperation agreements, mergers and acquisitions. For this reason, these professionals supervise relationships and collaborations with other companies or universities (product co-development), both national and foreign, in order to maintain the company's competitiveness.


The tasks generally associated with this professional profile are:
  • Identify and evaluate new business opportunities:
    Know thoroughly the market in all its aspects: clients, competition, prices and news in the sector.
    In charge of research and information creation, attend conferences and fairs in order to identify target markets and clients, and identify latent business opportunities for the company.
    Make product development proposals and present and negotiate offers.
    Explore, identify and recommend new products and technologies for the innovation and growth of the company.
    Develop strategies in order to attract investment capital.
    In charge of detecting new business opportunities and negotiate collaboration contracts and agreements with other companies or research centres. Build and maintain relationships with companies in the sector. Acquire the necessary licences for the business or sell their own patent licences.
  • Create forecasts, implement and monitor sales plans to ensure the economic objectives pursued.
    Design, develop and execute business plans aimed at attracting large accounts, including identifying business opportunities by analysing new markets.
    Define the annual business plan for their markets.
    Coordinate their activity with other departments and divisions of the company, integrate product development activities with marketing and manufacturing.
  • Develop policies and administer programs to promote the business of the company.
    Enhance the corporate image of the company and provide a strategy that adds value to large projects.
    Introduce new concepts and changes in traditional marketing methodologies.
    Develop the brand image of the products.
    Communicate to the market the messages, news and information that allow the proper positioning of the company.
    Exercise the external and internal representation of the company at national and international meetings and conferences.
    Track distributors and build their loyalty.
    Make presentations and product demonstrations.
  • Responsible for those activities related to technological surveillance and competitive market intelligence or coordinate with the person responsible.

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