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Knowledge Manager, Responsible for business intelligence, Business Intelligence Analyst


It can be said that the knowledge of an organization is constituted by the processes and procedures of the company, its human resources and the transmission and storage of information, that is, by intangible assets of great value. Business intelligence highlights the data that the company has access to and the knowledge it can generate by following a strategy to exploit it.

Thus, a specialist advises client companies on information management and knowledge creation aimed to design and introduce subsequent improvement plans in order to increase profitability and facilitate decision-making. Therefore, they must analyse and understand the current operation of the company, its historical trajectory and its context. From all the information collected, they also make predictions to be able to advise in decision-making.

It is a complex function, which must be developed in a systematic and continuous way since the environment of companies is constantly changing.


  • Extract the information from different sources available to the company (production, accounting, logistics, human resources, competition systems, etc.).
  • Develop and execute queries to databases.
  • Gain a deep understanding of context.
  • Identify needs, opportunities, new trends and good practices.
  • Perform analysis of the information.
  • Transform the data obtained into knowledge of value for the company.
  • Evaluate and improve previous business intelligence systems.
  • Create visualizations and reports for requested projects.
  • Develop and update technical documentation.
  • Collaborate with the different teams and departments in order to implement the new systems and methodologies.

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