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Occupational health physician


Occupational health specialist or occupational medicine physicians carry out specific tasks in the workplace aimed at protecting the health of employees. Is mainly in charge of promoting health and the prevention of pathologies able to affect work activity and the working environment. Also looks after employees, performing diagnoses and dealing with occupational pathologies as well as proposing methods of rehabilitation for those affected. The occupational health physician works in partnerships with professionals specialised in other disciplines, such as safety in the workplace, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and psychosociology. He/she is in charge of developing health monitoring plans using medical findings and epidemiological studies, and draws up occupational hazard prevention plans. He/she is also in charge of first-aid training and the prevention of specific risks.


  • Performs clinical diagnoses by monitoring health with health questionnaires, medical examinations and consultations, performing functional and analytical instrumental tests (traditional and biological control related) and monitors pathology-related absenteeism. Uses these tools to assess and diagnose the following aspects:
    Evaluate the degree to which the personal health of workers matches the demands of the position, at present or in the future. Analyse the compatibility of the personal health of workers with the demands of activities, routines and working environment, studying tolerance to the various types of aggressions to which workers may be subjected: physical exertion, pychological and social stress, physical, chemical or biological pollutants.
    Perform early diagnosis of resistances and sensibilities in healthy workers and of disorders in apparently healthy workers and in workers with symptoms of illness.
  • Develop epidemiological surveillance plans on groups of workers using the following tasks:
    Identify and detect unknown occupational risks.
    Assess the effectiveness and efficacy of preventive interventions.
  • Perform a variety of support activities, including the following tasks:
    Promote health with personalised advice and recommendations and general information and education.
    Design and conduct individual preventive activities, such as individual immunotherapy or vaccination, and group preventive activities, in collaboration with non-health technicians who work in occupational health (hygienists, safety technicians, ergonomists, psychosociologists and trade unionists) to identify and assess occupational hazards and control identified and evaluated hazards.
    Apply curative treatments, especially in emergencies and for primary care and attention.
    Design and conduct remedial action to adapt jobs to the residual disabilities of workers who have not recovered their full health.
  • Take on management duties, such as organisation, logistics planning and evaluation of health interventions.
    Participate in or direct communication and negotiation with managers at the companies where the specialist works and for which the specialist works.
    Directs and leads healthcare teams.

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