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These specialists boast an expert command of the sources of European legislation and regulations and their institutions. They provide advice on the completion of European Union projects, in fields such as the search for grants and aid as part of the various European programmes (ERDF, European Social Fund, European Union initiatives for the economic and local development of member states, educational, cultural and social programmes, development cooperation, etc.). Furthermore, they may also provide advice about business opportunities in specific fields and geographic areas.


The tasks of European Union regulations, directives and institutions specialists span the various phases of the project cycles.
  • Information.
    They constantly keep abreast of the internal operations of European institutions and organisations.
    They find out about the sources and types of funding and grant opportunities offered by different Europea institutions and organisations.
    They keep up-to-date with the status of European Union tenders in different fields.
  • Management.
    Search for partners to develop the project.
    Prepare application forms and relevant documentation.
    Draft the project. Keep track of the status of calls for applications.
  • Implementation.
    Advise the client during the project implementation phase.
    Assist the client with the economic management and justification of the project.
  • Project assessment and closure.

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