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Propman, Propwoman


Props managers are responsible for creating objects that appear realistic for use in theatre (also for television and cinema). The range of these objects may be extremely varied, from false jewellery to weapons, accessories, etc.

To develop the work, props managers can use a wide range of skills and techniques such as carpentry, sculpture, forging, dressmaking, painting, welding, computer-aided design, among others.


  • Meet with the art director, technical director, choreographer to receive information about the requirements for accessories for the performance.
  • Collaborate with the wardrobe director to guarantee coherence among all actors/actresses so that their wardrobe is credible and realistic.
  • Prepare accessories in order to be able create sketches during meetings and rehearsals.
  • Perform historical and cultural research to know exactly which elements must be created.
  • Work with a wide range of materials such as metal, latex, fibreglass, wood and cloth, as well as with the typical tools to work with these materials (from paintbrushes to welders).
  • Experiment with a wide variety of materials to create realistic effects in the creations.
  • Adapt existing elements to adapt them to requirements for the production, for example, the ageing process of different items.
  • Hire or purchase accessories to add them to the creation or directly incorporate them into the production.

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