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Website promoter or Contents updater


The webmaster is the person, employed by the company or not, responsible for managing, developing and improving a website. The webmaster usually participates in the site creation and structuring phase, and programs it to house the design and contents that will feed it. At the same time, this person prepares the applications required to publish contents, even though they come from different suppliers that may be inside or outside the company.

This person is also responsible for updating both the content and the graphic material on the website. The complexity of the web management will depend on the size of the company or project for which this professional works.


Webmasters carry out the following tasks:
  • Participate in website creation and its structure.
    Broad knowledge of user-friendliness of websites and participate in the creation of a simple and intuitive structure for the end user. Optimize the website structure.
  • Manage and improve the website.
    The webmaster is the person responsible for the technical maintenance of a site, its improvement and user assistance in the event of technical queries.
    Advise about new website projects.
    Research, recommend and develop the application of new technologies.
  • Manage the process for publication of contents.
    Unify the style of the pages (fonts, icons, page formats, etc.), guaranteeing the coherence of the online content and the graphic part of the website.
    Program applications that will allow updating the website contents whether developed directly by the staff of the company or those outsourced and arriving from suppliers in different formats (XML, text files, etc.).
  • Create systems for the control and increase of traffic.
    Be responsible for proposing internal systems for the control of website traffic, like click-through rate.
  • Create tools to analyse these statistics.
    Control correct implementation of systems for measuring external website traffic.
    Control and improve website performance and access speed.

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