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The aim of a circus artist is to entertain the audience by displaying talents such as acrobatics, juggling, air stunts, tightrope walking or humour. Although it is possible for circus artists to work alone, they generally form part of a group. It is possible to specialise in specific types of circus art, or have a broader spectrum of talents. Aside from as part of circus companies, these professionals can also perform at theatre festivals, in the street, or at children's or corporate parties or events.


  • Perform acts.
  • Keeping in shape, owing to the physical nature of many of the acts.
  • Rehearse acts that they are currently performing or are about to open.
  • Prepare new productions and/or acts, individually or as part of a group.
  • Manage and/or seek new elements or resources to be used in their performances (particularly in the case of productions involving animals).
  • Attend auditions and casting calls.
  • Promote the range of acts they offer.
  • Travel, as part of circus tours.
  • Circus artists are also often required to train others. This training may be aimed at other members of the circus or at people interested in this type of performance.

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