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This is the professional specialised in packaging, protecting and handling works of art; they are familiar with the appropriate treatments and techniques for each type of cultural work or object of cultural heritage. Their effort guarantees the integrity of the work, as well as its protection and safety in cases where it must be moved or handled.


  • Analyse the characteristics of the work that must be protected, noting its material composition, state of conservation, dimensions and the uniqueness of the environment where it is located.
  • Select the type of material and packing model appropriate for all work, taking into account possibilities that are now on the market (fire-resistant materials, cooler boxes, thermal cladding, internal fastening elements, glass, adhesive tapes, materials with neutral pH, foams, etc.).
  • Manage the rental, acquisition and even manufacturing of the packing type in question.
  • Takes the environmental conditions into account of the packing material to ensure suitable humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Perform the assembly and dismantling of the pieces to pack.
  • Take charge of the process of packing in itself, guaranteeing the stability of the work and preventing movements, vibrations or stresses that could be damaged during transport.
  • Label the packing so that its content can be identified at all times and so that the work is placed in the suitable position during its storage or transport, using established international symbols to do so.

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