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Their function is to create the idea on which a publishing project is built, but also to oversee a specific publishing collection, division or line, selecting the suitable resources and managing them. This position is strategic within the publishing process, since their projects bring together the work of other professionals, such as the publishing manager, the writer and the translator, as well as the work of production and sales managers at the publishing house. At large publishing houses, the job tends to be much more specialised, both with respect to functions and genre, than at small publishers.


  • Define action plans and objectives for the publishing project.
    Participate in the decision-making process on naming and characteristics of the collections.
    Select the works that will be published.
    Take charge of adapting the editions to the audience.
    Decide on the publication language and possible translations to undertake.
    Think about the size of the print run for the edition.
  • Supervise the design of the collection, division or editorial line.
    Determine the reading supports on which the titles will be published.
    Supervise the graphic design.
  • Execute financial management tasks.
    Watch over the profitability of the edition.
    Establish criteria to set marketing prices, promotional policies, the possibility of subsidies, etc.
    Exploit the collections' ownership rights.
    Contact potential publishing houses and partner companies that may be interested in the project.
  • Consider all potential distribution and marketing channels.
    Do planning on the presence of the publications in bookshops and other points of sale.
    Assures that the collections are disseminated and considers including write-ups in specialty journals, literary supplements and other channels for publicity.
  • Supervise all pertinent legal and tax issues.
  • Take into account any possibilities offered by applying new technologies to the publishing sector.
    Use all the advantages of digital production systems.
    Study the possibility of publishing the collections on the internet.

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