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There are basically two types of technical writers: on the one hand, there are writers who draw up instruction manuals, catalogues, promotional sales material, informative material, technical reports, newsletters and advertising material, and on the other, those who write technical or scientific articles for specialised paper or digital publications. In the case of the latter, the technical writer's role involves expressing scientific and technical information using a language that is easy to understand, for both experts and people who are not specialists in the subject. Similarly, these professionals tend to experts in a particular subject, and have good writing skills; they may also be journalists who specialised in particular fields (they must have a thorough knowledge of the sources of information and appropriate resources in order to interpret and produce information that is easy to understand and rigorous).


Where they write for a technical or scientific publication:
  • Search for information related to the article they have to write.
    Consider possible sources of information (experts, professors, professionals, etc.) and contact them if necessary.
    Search for information online.
    Contrast the different sources of information obtained.
  • Attend fairs, congresses and specialised conferences, and gather information.
  • Interview key figures in the field in question.
  • Sometimes, make videos and take photographs to accompany articles.
  • Technical writers may also be responsible for the layout of the text and the images.
  • Process information gathered and write articles, adapting them to the style of the publication.
Where they write manuals and catalogues for companies:
  • Produce technical documentation relating to the company's products.
  • Design product descriptions, in conjunction with the R&D and technical support departments.
  • Produce manuals and ensure that they are effective and easy to understand.

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