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These professionals are responsible for representing objects and spaces in 2D and 3D. The use of two dimensions lets objects or spaces be displayed from two views: a front or side plan or a top view. Three dimensions allows all views of the object to be displayed. The main goal of graphical presentations is to simulate products or architectural spaces, urban planning or interior design, in order to approve or validate projects before their final production.

The 2D and 3D modeller also executes projects for advertising companies, architecture and interior design studios, industrial design service companies, video production companies, etc. Their functions are also very applicable in the field of animation and for all projects that require virtual reality, such as areas of education, medicine, computer games, simulations, etc.


  • Analyse the project and the information delivered.
    Assess the contribution made through his or her modulation or animation in the project to be executed. If the project requires the presentation of a product or space without animation, the approach is absolutely different that if it is needed. In the event of modulating a product or space without animation, start from the physical technical plans by providing very specific information on what must be represented. If the volume representation is also part of an animation, analyse the sequence of this animation (story board) in order to be able to understand different points of view that are planned for the represented object or space.
  • Create several low-resolution proposals.
    Make an initial approach to representation by creating a proposal with low quality or low resolution. In this first proposal, plan how to execute the project: if the product must be modulated in separate parts or components, what views should be created, etc. The proposal has high-enough definition to understand the representation. The proposal can be assessed to detemine if the path chosen by the technician and the result match the initially defined expectations.
  • For animations, first a story board is presente for movement (a diagram of the animation with several sketches), made by hand or in 2D.
  • Finish the project with full definition.
    After the proposal is approved, develops it in full definition and quality. Computer programs perform a series of recalculations to contribute desired textures to the project, the suitable lighting and counterlighting, the required points of view, etc.
  • In the project for animating objects, spaces or characters, after the initial story board is approved, it moves onto the 2D and 3D and animation development phases.

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