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Carpenters are the professionals who work with wood, whether applied to the creation of elements for construction or the making of furniture. This profession is very old, since wood is the material that was traditionally used in any manufacturing process and, although new materials and manufacturing processes have now appeared, it continues to intervene in the development of multiple services and products.

Their work includes the elaboration, assembly, installation and repair of wooden elements, both individual pieces (furniture) and fixed or mobile components for works (doors, windows, frames, etc.). Usually, carpenters receive a professional order and perform their tasks autonomously, from the initial design of the part or construction to be manufactured until leaving the parts ready for later assembly.

These professionals work in carpentry, authorized workshops, assembly installation industries and construction or rehabilitation works. Mainly uses hand tools (carpenter's brace, plane, screwdriver, ruler, level, rabbet plane, handsaw, pliers, chisels and gouges, nails, hammers, saws, sandpaper and brushes, among others) and equipment and machinery tools (sharpeners, electric mitre saws, drills, compressors for the production of compressed air, machine tools such as band saws and table saws).

When carpenters specialize in the artisanal design and manufacture of furniture or decorative elements (lining, borders) working with higher quality woods, they are called cabinetmakers.


The basic functions of carpenters consist in the elaboration of the wood products, in the preparation of its transport and, finally, in the assembly or placement of the product in its final location. Specifically:

Wood working to make objects
  • Take measurements or interpret plans in order to determine project specifications.
  • Make a calculation or approximate budget of the work to be carried out that must be approved before starting.
  • Design product using drawings or models and choose the materials.
  • Mark and trace the pieces to size to the required shape and size.
  • Machine the parts in the machines, feeding them progressively and aligned in order to avoid backward movements, tool marks, burns or other defects. Cut the sheets of wood, using the different tools: band saw, vertical milling machine, etc.
  • Cover the faces and edges of the worked piece and scale the surface according to the desired roughness.
  • Perform the tasks of gluing, varnishing, assembling, stapling and screwing the pieces.
  • Adjust the carpentry and furniture parts and accessories, use the necessary means, review the joints until their final finish.
Prepare transportation
  • Stack the finished product and take care of the quality control on the final products, by following the instructions in order to avoid the shipment and assembly of defective articles.
  • Pack the finished products for later storage or dispatch.
  • Participate in the transportation of the products to be installed, as well as the machinery necessary to do so.
Perform assembly and installation
  • Prepare the place for installation. Remove or demolish previous carpentry structures, if necessary.
  • In charge of the installation, anchoring the carpentry with fastening devices. Install the auxiliary elements required for mounting.
  • Work on adjusting parts, tools and mechanisms to achieve the coupling of wood or furniture projects.
  • Ensure that the work area is clean after completion of installation.
  • Carry out supervision and coordination tasks for assemblers or apprentices in charge.

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