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The expert in transmission and distribution networks is the professional who designs and develops systems to transfer information from one computer to another. To do this, the expert identifies the type of data to be transmitted (audio, text, graphics, video), analyzes the channel through which they have to be distributed (optical fiber, cable, etc.), quantifies the amount of data to be sent, and sizes or resizes the network based on the specified parameters.

This professional designs and develops digital networks of data transmission to streamline the processing the information in networks (such as electrical, traffic, or water). Therefore, the expert monitors and limits or expands traffic information from a network, both at user and administrator level.

This professional works in consulting firms, companies providing telephone services, or corporations that manage the distribution network of basic services (water, gas, electricity, etc.).


¿ To design, plans and develop communications networks to ensure their safety, and maximize the efficiency in the transmission and distribution of data.
¿ To identify the characteristics of a network and the protocols (IP, TCP, DNS, UDP, DHCP, etc.) acting on it from the reference model TCP / IP that is based on the Internet, and redesigns the network according to the data transmission needs.
¿ To structure corporate networks using the hierarchical model of networks, e.g., networks, VPNs, and minimizes security risks.
¿ To recognize the threats a computer system is exposed to and establishes the mechanisms and safety guidelines to address those threats.
¿ To manage the implemented networks and the server operating systems (Windows, GNU / Linux, etc.), and to apply security measures to ensure the maintenance of the network at times of peak demand.
¿ To prepare documentation on network status tracking: reports of use, capacity and network incidents and proposals of solutions to improve performance (bandwidth expansion, redistribution through other channels, resizing, etc.).

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