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Support technician


The helpdesk operator provides technical support to users in a company who have problems with software or hardware. This professional receives, diagnoses and solves the problem or forwards it to specialized maintenance technicians, if necessary. They receive inquiries, and user doubts or problems by phone or e-mail and usually resolve them by these routes.


  • Manage customer problems.
    Attend to customer problems on the phone or by e-mail (for example: a program that does not work correctly, the computer has little available storage space, there are connection problems, slowness on the internet, etc.).
    Solve minor problems following previously established specifications.
    Redirect user problems to the maintenance technician or other specialist.
    Follow-up and close incidents, ensuring of that the user problem has been solved correctly and in a prudent time period.
    Give advice to avoid future problems.
  • Carry out small repairs.
    Install hardware elements and some types of software to aid the technical specialist.
    Provide telephone or e-mail support to users who can solve problems by following instructions. To provide these instructions, the helpdesk operator must have good understanding of hardware and software technical manuals.
  • Monitor correct operation of the computer system.
    Use specially created devices to observe correct system operation.
    Report possible errors to the specialist so that they can be solved.
    Test whether the software or peripherals are the most suitable ones for users.
  • Collect inquiries from users.
    File and collate all user problems for later analysis of the most common ones to avoid them in the future.

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