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An automotive mechanic is a professional that adjusts, installs, maintains and it repairs engines and pieces of standard family car engines, motorbikes, vans, lorries and other motor vehicles. To achieve this, a mechanic checks the operation of the motor and undertakes pertinent repairs or part replacements.


Main tasks of an automotive mechanic are specified as follows:
  • Adjust, examine, test and maintain vehicle engines.
  • Replace non-functioning engines with new ones.
  • Equip vehicles with new mechanical parts.
  • Examine, adjust, dismantle, reconstruct and replace flawed mechanical parts in the vehicles.
  • Carry out maintenance of the vehicles' mechanical constructions.
  • Use electronic systems of detection of vehicles' problems, in order to detect breakdowns.
  • Interpret expert documentation from insurers to carry out corresponding repairs as described in the surveyor's report.
  • Use specific computer programs set aside for the vehicle analysis.

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