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Biochips are one of the most effective and comprehensive tools for monitoring and comparing changes in gene expression between a normal state and a pathological state. They have significant potential both in medicine, to peform clinical diagnoses, and in research, for developing personalised medicines. They are devices that contain a large number of small cells (microarrays), genes or DNA fragments, proteins or other biological materials, with a known layout. When these substances interact with the biological sample analysed, biochemical reactions occur which inform about the presence in the sample of genes and other factors that may cause illnesses. Some biochips are true microprocessors (small integrated circuits) able to obtain, store and process data from a biological sample. Biochips engineers work in molecular biology laboratories and are responsible for the development and production of biochips. Their work generally takes place in multidisciplinary collaboration with other professionals, such as doctors, biologists, engineers and computer engineers, among others.


  • Design, develop and produce biochips combining organic molecules with microelectronics, in collaboration with doctors and biologists.
  • Perform scanning, obtain information from biochips and analyse data with bioinformatics tools.
  • Prepare organic molecules to be analysed, such as DNA or proteins.
  • See to the development of DNA microarrays, proteins and other biological materials.
  • Manipulate printed chips (computer microprocessors) in closed and open formats.
  • Prepare reports on data obtained. In the area of research, also publish articles.
  • Depending on the project group, can lead a group of assistants.

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