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The dental hygienist is concerned with the prevention of gum diseases. He or she performs functions of care, such as cleanings and oral exams; health promotion, such as advice on dental hygiene; and administrative and management functions, such as monitoring and updating patient data.
All functions stem from the dentist's diagnosis; the dental hygienist works under the dentist supervision.


The main tasks carried out by the dental hygienist are: In the field of care:
  • To control and maintain in good condition some components of periodontium: gums, teeth, jawbone and periodontal ligament (which connect the tooth to the bone).
  • To perform dental cleanings and whitening.
  • To place fissure sealants with noninvasive techniques (without using anesthesia) into tooth requiring the intervention to prevent tooth decay, always under the supervision of a dentist.
In the field of health promotion:
  • To promote health education in oral hygiene, giving advices and recommendations, and to provide guidelines to the dietary control aimed at preventing oral disease processes.
  • To plan and monitor the control process of patients¿ oral health.
In the field of administration and management:
  • To keep track of patients and update their data.
  • To configure the budget of treatments and informs patients about it.
  • To collect data about gum disease for clinical or epidemiological use.

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