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Institutional relations, pricing and reimbursement manager.


The term "market access" is used to explain the process to be followed in the pharmaceutical industry to launch a drug on the market (and make it available to patients). The market access manager is in charge of optimising this process, establishing contact with different decision makers (regulatory agencies, autonomous governments, among others) in the external framework and within the company, working in coordination with most departments (mostly regulatory affairs, business development, medical affairs, general management, marketing and sales).


  • Establish and develop relationships between the company, the decision makers of the competent health authorities (whether domestic or autonomous) and the technical staff of regional health services.
  • Analyse local healthcare needs to develop strategies consistent with the strategic priorities of the company, in partnership with the marketing, sales and research departments and the general management.
  • Keep up to date with the relevant legislation of each autonomous community and any changes which may occur.
  • Negotiate business conditions with the decision makers of health institutions.
  • Develop solutions and messages using economic and political arguments linked to health to support the sales and marketing departments.
Depending on the structure of the company, his/her duties may also include the following:
  • Manage a market access team to be distributed by autonomous community.
  • Together with other departments such as marketing, R&D and regulatory affairs, guarantee that requisites fundamental to the presentation of each product file are met.
  • Broaden the key opinion leader network in the field of healthcare economics.
  • Develop, support and/or apply pharmaco-economic models for new products and adapt existing ones to other countries.

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