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Nutritional Adviser


Diet is an environmental factor which conditions nutritional status and, incidentally, general health, affecting the incidence of potentially serious illness: obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, etc. Intersecting areas of interest of nutrition and genetics have now emerged which have given rise to a new discipline known as genetic nutrition, the main branches of which include : Nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. Nutrigenomics is the science which studies the complex interactions between genes and nutrients, and their effect on human health. Its aim is to understand the effects of different genetic predispositions in terms of developing certain diseases in order to provide customised nutritional recommendations to improve health and quality of life. The nutrigenomic adviser is a person with dietary and nutritional expertise and a knowledge of genetics. S/he recommends a customised nutritional plan to patients based on their genetic analysis.


  • Obtain samples of genetic material; process and analyse them to obtain information on genetic diseases.
  • Keep up to date with novelties in genome analysis technologies and methodologies.
  • Review medical records.
  • Analyse known genetic studies.
  • Recommend genetic tests.
  • Provide customised advice depending on the genetic profile of the patient.
  • Inform patients of the likelihood of developing the illness and associated risks.
  • Recommend a dietary regime for healthy or sick individuals, provide advice on dietary supplements and specific diets to improve health.
  • Create subject-specific, multidisciplinary training and discussion spaces with practitioners, scientist and academics.
  • May participate in research projects.

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