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The laboratory animal facility is the space where the animals used in experimental laboratories for scientific research are housed. These centres or establishments must meet certain requirements related to the general care and accommodations of the animals used for experimentation, which guarantee the fulfilment of current legislation (European Union Directive 86/609/EEC of 26 November 1986 and Royal Decree 1201/2005 of 10 October). The majority of housed animals are rodents (rats and mice, often genetically modified), but currently they often include inferior species as well (zebrafish or toads). Few facilities have dogs, miniature pigs or primates, which require special spaces and permits. The laboratory animal facility technician works under the direction of the person responsible for the laboratory animal facility and is in charge of maintaining and handling the laboratory animals under their responsibility, as well as controlling the housing conditions according to the current regulations. In the case of technical and scientific services, they can also conduct certain experimental tests commissioned by external agencies. The laboratory animal facility technician is the person responsible for ensuring the well-being of animals used for experimentation at the laboratory animal facility.


  • Provide a suitable environment, freedom of movement, as well as proper accommodations, diet and care that ensure the good health and well-being of animals used for experimentation.
  • Carry out periodic health exams in order to keep the animals as healthy as possible so that reliable results can be obtained.
  • Know the different regulations for quality control (Good Laboratory Practices, ISO, AAALAC and those related to animal well-being), as well as safety for the staff of the laboratory animal facility.
  • Oversee the handling, maintenance and analysis of the animal models.
  • Update the database of the laboratory animal facility.
  • Oversee the animal log, cages and documentation.
  • Control and keep track of the temperature and hygiene conditions of the laboratory animal facility. Take samples and prepare them for analysis.
  • Oversee the recording and maintenance of the materials.
  • Manage the disposal of biological material.

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