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Therapeutic radiographer


The radiation therapy technician is the professional responsible for applying radiation therapy treatments, in accordance with the medical prescription. Prepare the patients for the test, complying with the dosimetry and radiation protection standards, as well as the regulations related to the specific radiation equipment of their unit. Organise and schedule the work based on service quality criteria and the optimisation of available resources, as well as manage the technical and health information of the department or unit, under the respective supervision.


  • Organise and manage, within their remit, the tasks assigned to the radiotherapy unit or department.
    Receive and interpret treatment requests. Classify them according to priority and source and delegate them to different departments of the unit.
    Handle, at user level, computerised patient databases.
    Keep track of stocks of material used in the unit and deal with material inventory and ordering forms.
    Draw up activity reports using statistical data.
    Produce summaries of scientifico-technical information (scientific articles about radiotherapy articles and technical manuals for the operation of equipment) and search for information in medical databases.
  • Receive patients and provide them with technical assistance throughout their time in the radiotherapy simulator unit.
    Communicate both verbally and non-verbally, tailoring communication to each particular scenario.
    Be warm and respectful with patients, identifying their needs and establishing possible strategies for resolving obstacles with difficult patients.
    Ensure proper conduct with patients with serious conditions.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the structure, working and location of the different parts and systems of the human body, as well as the symptoms of the main illnesses associated with these.
    Immobilise patients and place them in the correct position, depending on the area to be treated.
  • Apply teletherapy treatment (radiation treatment using a source at a distance from the body). external beam therapy, linear particle accelerators and high and low energy X-ray beams, under the supervision of a physician.
    Interpret the data laid out in treatment charts.
    Recognise the main points of reference and yardsticks used in the radiotherapy field.
    Locate and identify the area to be treated and the patient's position during the treatment.
    Interpret dosimetry calculations performed and the type of treatment.
    Note down the different data obtained during a radiotherapy session.
    Ensure that the treatment guidelines are complied with strictly and properly.
    Configure the unit's position, exposure time, treatment technique, dose, type of radiation and energy level, depending on the treatment in question.
    Operate the unit using the remote control or control console.
    Perform all necessary checks of the dose, time and type of radition energy, in line with the data given in the treatment chart.
    Monitor patients' behaviour, checking that they do not move, using the CCTV system.
    Where necessary, communicate with the patient.
    Record all relevant data on the treatment chart and daily log.
  • Assist the physician with the preparation and application of brachytherapy treatments.
    Keep track of the material in the radiation room (calibrate radioactive material using the activimeter, store radioactive material, record the arrival and departure of material).
    Prepare the material and instruments, depending on the treatment.
    Use carts to move radioactive material.
    Do orthogonal x-rays in the areas around implants.
    Make and put up signs indicating the rules for entering and remaining in the treatment room.
  • Apply and monitor, under the supervision of the physician, radiation protection regulations in units where ionising radiation is used for medical/therapeutic purposes.
    Help to maintain and calibrate radiation equipment and to ensure people who work in the unit, as well as nurses and the general public, are properly protected against radiation.
    Produce signalling models and mark the various areas and barriers, in line with regulations.
    Apply radiation measurement techniques in order to check facilities.

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