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Solar thermal installer


The installer of thermal solar power systems is dedicated to the installation, verification and maintenance of capture systems and the active use of low temperature solar power. The use of the low temperature active solar power is the use of the sun's radiation to produce hot water, air-conditioning, heating swimming pools and industrial applications. It is also used in agricultural for greenhouses applications and water purification and desalination plants. Nowadays it is even used for cooling. These installations have capture, storage and distribution systems.


  • Responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of thermal solar power capture systems based on plans, drawings and technical specifications, applying current regulations, and under conditions of safety and quality.
  • Construct supports, metal profiles and parts on the structural elements of buildings in accordance with the installation project.
  • Install electromechanical equipment for pumping and pressurizing the water in the pipe system, according to technical indications and safety guidelines.
  • Perform maintenance work to ensure optimum energy efficiency.
  • Carry out administrative tasks, management and marketing, if employed by a small business or workshop.

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