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Industrial Waste Treatment and Removal Installations Operator; Urban Solid Waste Treatment Plant Operator; Waste Management Technician


The main function of the operator is to assist the waste technician, helping in the management of waste at industrial plants based on their control, monitoring, information and distribution.
Work is carried out in the Administration (town councils and municipal authorities); in waste management companies working in preparation for reuse or recycling; in waste chemical treatment plants; hazardous waste dump sites and in waste transfer stations, waste recovery and treatment facilities, both industrial and urban. It is also found in industrial sectors that generate waste, such as the chemical, food, textile and non-metal products industries, the energy sector and other production sectors associated with the treatment of materials for possible reuse and recycling.


  • Know and handle waste according to regulations:
    Check the operation of the vehicles and containers and safety measures by personnel and vehicles.
    Match the type of vehicle and container in light of the waste to be transported.
    Transport and unload the waste at the storage centres, following the safety rules.
    Control the processing of the waste and the correct preparation of the various parts obtained according to their nature and subsequent destination.
  • Carry out the classification (arrange by type of waste), segregation (correctly separate the different waste materials) and characterisation (quantify according to the type of waste) of the waste generated:
    Based on knowledge of the regulations, control the processing of the waste and the correct preparation of the various parts obtained according to their nature and subsequent destination.
    Adapt the safety means to personnel.
    Carry out the leaching tests according to the specifications of the technicians.
    Adapt the treatment line according to the waste.
    Ensure the correct destination for each type of waste.
  • Check the correct operation of the waste treatment and control systems and apply the adequate corrective measures.
    Check the proposed safety measures both by personnel and by the environment and treatment lines.
    Supervise the match of the waste to be treated with the characteristic of the prior tests carried out.
    Unload and monitor the waste, complying with the specifications of the technicians according to the treatment lines.
  • Quantify the waste generated on a daily basis according to type, and keep the waste register up to date.
    List the basic regulations applicable to the management of the main types of industrial waste.
    Explain the types of industrial waste admissible at chemical treatment plants and safe dump sites.
    Summarise the minimum requirements and procedures for the admission of the industrial waste at plants or dump sites.

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