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ECA Technician


This kind of technician works for Environmental Control Agencies (ECA). ECAs are companies which work jointly with administrations to carry out the duties stipulated by the Law on Comprehensive Intervention of the Environmental Administration. These functions consist of initial, periodic and one-off checks on centres or companies likely to have an impact on the environment and on human health and safety. ECAs are accredited for the control of one or more kinds of activity: industrial, mining, energetic, agricultural and livestock breeding, business and services, recreational, show business and leisure. Technicians who operate in these fields are also accredited for certain activities.


  • Program sampling and the performance of analyses to check results, and characterise waste residues, atmospheric emissions and waste water spills.
  • Coordinate and schedule the tasks of the team involved in inspection and control (operators and technicians).
  • Deal directly with the managers and technicians of the company in which the inspection and control take place.
  • Draw up reports on the operation, status, maintenance and self-regulating effluent control systems of facilities whose activities potentially lead to pollution, and the effectiveness of the corrective measures adopted.
  • Provide information on the fulfillment of sector activity regulations.
  • If the EAC is accredited for this function, check that requirements pursuant to granting the eco-label are met and validate environmental statements in accordance with European Regulations 1836/93 (EMAS) or carry out the certification in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 standard.
  • Participate in environmental audits, as specified by a regulation of the Environmental Management System.
  • Assess the suitability of the technologies applied to a specific industrial or production process.
  • Check the quality, safety and effectiveness of industrial equipment and facilities with regard to rationalisating the use of natural resources and raw materials.
  • Check the conformity of industrial equipment and facilities according to safety regulations and applicable standards in order to avoid accidents and prevent risks.
  • Assess emergency and risk prevention plans in production systems as well as hazardous substance manipulation conditions.
  • Depending on the accreditations of the EAC, carry out checks on lifting facilities, pressurised devices, etc., and the follow-up and quality control of products with a designation of origin, agri-food product certification and environmental quality guarantee labels.

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