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Waste Residue Manager


This is the person in charge of organising and carrying out the management of flows of waste residues generated in the company. This professional has two options: reuse waste residues, returning them to the production cycle, or by managing their transportation and subsequent processing, procuring to avoid damage to the environment. He/she should therefore understand the productive process of the company and its sector of activity. In this sense, the individual must have technical knowledge of the products used in the industry and above all, know how to apply current regulations of waste treatment.


  • Organise the waste stream at the company.
  • Compile information from the industrial plant in order to determine what types of raw materials are used, the treatment, the production process followed and the composition of the end product.
  • Once the information has been obtained, establish the systems for classification, separation and characterisation of the generated waste.
  • Write a report which determines the most suitable waste treatment system, proposals for minimisation and their financial cost.
  • Present the report to management for approval.
  • Identify the products. Determine the system for treating or assessing waste according to current regulations, either within the company or through an authorised industrial waste manager.
  • Contact and follow up with the authorised managers, transport companies and waste treatment plant managers.
  • Manage, if applicable, certain waste materials such as by-products, in other words, return to the production line those materials that could be used to manufacture other products.
  • Represent the company before the competent administration.
  • Manage all the documentation related to industrial waste management (acceptance sheets, follow-up sheets, annual waste statement, etc).
  • Analyse the ecological impact in accordance with the current regulations.
  • Analyse the production system in order to introduce new processes that minimise the generation of waste.
  • Manage the obtainment of ISO14000 or EMAS (Echo-Management and Audit Scheme) quality certificates, systems to improve environmental management.
  • Advise on the environmental aspects of the suppliers and the suitable products in each case.
  • Implement processes for the collection and reuse of materials.
  • Work closely with the suppliers to ensure they comply with the environmental management regulations.

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