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Atmospheric pollution control technician in industrial plants.

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Atmospheric pollution technician.


Substances which are present in the atmosphere in higher than normal concentrations are known as pollutants. Pollutants are generally released by a particular source; this process is known as an "emission". On the other hand, there is a particular concentration of a given pollutant at a particular point in the atmosphere (amount of pollutant per cubic metre of air). This concentration is known as immission level. The atmospheric pollution technician is in charge of registering pollution levels both in terms of emissions and immissions, carrying out the maintenance, gauging and operational control of manual and automated sampling and analysis equipment, and to carry out the control and maintenance of emission treatment equipment and facilities.


  • Carry out control and sampling operations at emission points for subsequent laboratory analysis.
  • Assess parameter analysis results to rate the performance of equipment and measuring tools.
  • Check that processing and control systems operate properly and apply the necessary corrective measures to fix any equipment or device malfunctions.
  • Calibrate fixed automatic emission control devices.
  • Check emission control systems (pollutants which the industry releases into the atmosphere).
  • Measure levels of pollutant emissions when requested to do so by the management. (Presence of pollutants in the air at different reception points.)
  • Review self-regulating emission control systems.
  • Compare the results obtained with the pollutant emission limits specified by Decree 833/1975 and other related regulations.
  • Work with Environmental Control Agencies (ECA) when carrying out periodic emission checks.
  • Carry out external air quality control (immissions) (in certain industries).
  • Keep an emission register, according to the official template.
  • Organise the atmospheric pollution prevention and correction service.
  • Contribute to the management of environmental authorisations, licences and communications (Act 3/1998 of IIAA) and, if applicable, carry out an evaluation of environmental impact.
  • Request greenhouse emission rights if the company is listed in Appendix I of Act 1/2005, of 9 March, which regulates the greenhouse gas emission allowance trading system.

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