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Mini-hydraulic plant operators are responsible for managing the operation of plants through the control, maintenance and monitoring of their facilities and instrumentation.
Mini-hydraulic plants are low-power plants of less than 10mW which have special consideration because they are covered by a special system of economic and governmental regulations different to those of traditional hydropower. The energy obtained through a mini-hydraulic plant is renewable and environmentally friendly.


The main tasks of a mini-hydraulic plant operator are:
  • Control a mini-hydraulic electrical plant, the status of the facilities and the parameters of process in general to ensure optimum performance criteria of reliability, efficiency and safety for people and the environment.
  • Control the status and operational behaviour of the valves, turbines, generators, distributors, pumps, compressors, drainage components and electrical systems of the mini plant.
  • Control the flow, pressure, water level, temperature, valve positions and dampers of the plant.
  • Prepare simple incident reports for the mini plant.
  • Perform operations with the equipment of the plant: shutdowns and start-ups, in accordance with safety standards.
  • Operate dampers, regulators and electrical switches following the sequence laid out in the mini-plant procedures.
  • Perform periodic tests on equipment and facilities to ensure that the mini plant is functioning correctly.
  • Operate plant systems, equipment and instruments under normal operational and shutdown and start-up processes and in accordance with procedures laid out for mini-dam, reservoir or waterfall systems.
  • Prepare and organise maintenance of the installation by following the appropriate specifications, and carry out preventive and corrective maintenance.

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